What past attendees have to say about Farm Futures Summit

I came thinking if I get one good idea it’s worth attending … but
it’s only the first day and I already have several I can use and I know they
will help my profitability.   —Kurt Krohn, Brandon, WI

I’m learning about ideas I can use – real world information that I
can relate to.   —Jacob Meyer, Lester, IA

Not the glitz and glamour that other national meetings have, but I
get more from the Summit. Always really good information that I can use today
and going forward to manage my farm.   —Ron Swanson, Galt, IA

Last year was my first time attending. I never want to miss it!
I’m still working on implementing the ideas from last year, keeps me moving us
ahead.  —Laura Ehnle, Edelstein, IL

Spectacular global influence discussions and environmental issues
 to be aware of. Information applies to us.   —Kirk Liefer, Red Bud, IL

We’ll be back. Every session is very thought provoking – no filler
like other conferences.   —Keith Liefer, Red Bud, IL

Very educational – to the extreme! We really learned a lot and
 have many follow-up projects to do when we get home.   

— Jamie and Angie Herman, Stone Creek, OH

The Summit is very well done – top notch. It’s held at a time of
year that is preferred for my schedule.   —Wally Thomas, Mankato, MN

This (conference) gave me a lot of information and ideas – now I
really need to start working and putting what I learned into practice. It was
really helpful.   — Carl Jensen, Pekin, ND

It’s all really good information – not a sales pitch. I really
like the speaker formats – lots of topics to choose from and there’s time to
ask questions.   —Joe and Deb Grantzinger, Merna, NE 

We’ve attended several Farm Futures Summits and we meet people from
around the country. We’ve kept in touch through the years, too. Excellent
meeting. Very informative.   —Karen Kohls, Litchfield, MN

The Summit is best one of the other ones sponsored by
publications. It really is the best. The speakers and the topics are always
good…the best!   —Mike Alyn, Mount Vernon, IN

The global topics are relevant to my operation, this information
is really key for me.   —Brian Marlin, Brookston, IN 

Good energy from the events. The sessions give you lots to think
 about. They give me skills to help me focus on areas of my operation that need
extra attention.   —Jon Okos, Brookston, IN

I have learned some new perspectives for the business side of
farming. The Summit helps me stay current with what I should be concentrating
on for my business.   —David Rahe, Hillsboro, IL

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