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7 a.m.



8 a.m.

Why we’re here: What you will learn today

Mike Wilson, editor, Farm Futures

A farm in crisis: What would you do?

Paul Neiffer, CPA, CliftonLarsonAllen, and Curt Covington, executive vice president, chief credit officer, FarmerMac

More and more farms face financial stress: tight or negative margins, weak cash flow and dwindling working capital. Our case study farm faces these issues, and more. In each case, having a better understanding of your farm’s financials could help improve margins, strengthen cash flow, and build working capital. Attendees will join our team leaders as they workshop the problems and potential solutions to help bring this farm back to financial solvency.  

Solution 1: How to integrate an accounting system that tells a more accurate picture of how much money the farm is really making. Let’s talk about cash and accrual accounting – Paul Neiffer and Curt Covington


10 a.m.




Solution 2: How enterprising accounting system can help the farm make informed decisions that will increase profitability – John McNutt





1 p.m.

Solution 3: How to work with your lender to help you benchmark your farm operation against other farms and more importantly to help you benchmark against your own operation – Curt Covington and Paul Neiffer


Solution 4: How to properly structure your farm operation considering the new tax law.  A review of your farm operation may show that some structural changes are needed – Paul Neiffer




2:45 p.m.

Solution 5: How to develop a marketing program focusing on production costs to guarantee profits – Curt Covington,Paul Neiffer or Matt Bennett


3: 15 p.m.

Solution 6: Why you need to understand operating leverage and contribution margin. How these concepts impact cash rent decisions, farm growth, and profitability – Curt Covington and Paul Neiffer


Wrap up: Paul Neiffer and Curt Covington